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Bradley Priest

A note from our CTO

These are strange and unpredictable times, so much of the world we know has been turned upside down. As many of us enter our third (or more) month living and working under these new restricted norms, the world of commerce continues to experience disruption on a scale no-one could ever imagine.

Looking back, the commerce ecosystem has been moving steadily online for over a decade, we’re now experiencing the next decade’s worth of change happening in just a matter of months. As the world has transformed in this first half of 2020, we’ve been striving to answer two fundamental questions here at TradeGecko;

  1. What do small businesses need to survive in a time of crisis, how can we help youkeep your commerce engine running?
  2. And, how can small businesses win in this new world?

I try toanswer them in this post, feel free to read more about it. Read on to learn more about what improvements we've been working on at TradeGecko to help small businesses today and in this new future.

Co-founder & CTO

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B2B Commerce

New Feature
  • Customer Groups
  • B2B Promotions
  • B2B Abandoned Carts
  • Display Recommended Retail Price
  • B2B Invitation Delivery Status
  • Shareable B2B Invitation Link

  • B2B Custom Note on Invitations
  • New B2B storefront design for product views
  • More control over your B2B product view
  • Taxable Zonal Shipping Rates
Featured Launch
B2B Customer Groups
New Feature Launched in June 2020


What is it?
A feature that improves the organization of your customers.

Why use it?

  • Improve internal efficiencies by easily organising your growing customer-base.
  • Speed up the process of managing how every Customer Group sees and purchases from their product catalogue.
  • Run reports using Customer Groups as a report grouping property and filter in Intelligence.

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New Feature
  • WooCommerce Diagnostics Dashboard
  • Shopify Diagnostics Dashboard
  • Shopify Pause Mode

  • Newly Designed App Store
  • Updated installation flow for QuickBooks Online
Featured Launch
eBay Integration
New Feature Launched in August 2020


What is it?
eBay merchants can link their eBay account directly within the QuickBooks Commerce app store.

Why use it?

  • Sync QuickBooks Commerce products stock and price changes on eBay.
  • Import order, payments and refunds From eBay to QuickBooks Commerce.
  • Sync fulfillments in both directions (eBay to QuickBooks Commerce and vice versa).

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New Feature
  • 20个新模板中d
  • Fulfilment Creation Event
  • Manage Order Discounts
  • Invoice Creation Event

  • Updated UI
  • Adding line items to orders
Featured Launch
20 New Automation Templates
New Feature Launched in June 2020


What is it?
Empowers customers to create automated workflows from predefined templates.

Why use it?

  • Automate repetitive and time-consuming sales order workflows.
  • Optimize the order management, shipping and logistics by creating actions on fulfilment events.
  • Ability to view, activate or deactivate workflows from within the QuickBooks Commerce system.


Bug fixes, enhancements and new features launched since January 2020!

January 2021

We now support Local Delivery and Local Pickup for Shopify!
Orders can now be assigned to a specified location, instead of the Primary Location set on Shopify.

July 2020

New Feature
New integration with Prospect CRM

Prospect CRM have integrated with QuickBooks Commerce to bring their powerful stock-aware relationship management platform to all QuickBooks Commerce customers!

Accounting Integration - Inventory Adjustment Ledger Account

You can now assign different inventory adjustment ledger account for every stock adjustment reason.

May 2020

A more vocal Pick Pack experience

The Pick Pack app is now more vocal, when scanning invalid items you'll now be warned with both a message and an error sound.

Zapier App Updates

The QuickBooks Commerce - Zapier App connection has a new Order Finalized hook, a new Order Search event, fixed an issue with line item sort order, and some enhancements to how companies and addresses work.

PDF CJK Font Update

The font used for Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters on PDFs has been updated to use the CJK variants of the Noto font.

April 2020

New Feature
Bulk create Bills of Materialsvia CSV import underManufacturing

Importing Bills of Materials via CSV is now available when creating new Bills of Materials under Manufacturing.

QuickBooks Commerce Automation Invoice SupportunderSales Orders

QuickBooks Commerce Automation has been updated with support for triggering workflows on Invoice creation as well as orders.

March 2020

New Feature
Outstanding Shipments ReportunderIntelligence

Our new Outstanding Fulfillments report gives you a quick way to see which orders have unshipped items, what the outstanding totals are and when they are due to be shipped.

Invoices - Payment Method filterunderSales Orders

The Invoices index page now supports filtering by Payment Method.

Additional metrics available in ReportingunderIntelligence

Use ordered quantity and returned quantity for more insights on sales and product performance. We've also added Order Revenue for reconciliation against the original order placed.

February 2020

Stock Location supportadded to Product CSVs underInventory

Importing/Exporting and Updating your Inventory via CSV now also supports all Stock Location values such as Reorder Point, Bin Location, Lead Time, Safety Stock and Stock Cover.

Better alignment of Gross values and COGS in reportingunderIntelligence

We've made some changes to better align the gross values to actual order, invoice and shipment totals so that they are more useful for operations and reconciliation.

January 2020

New Feature
Bulk convert variants into bundles under Inventory

当包进口等销售渠道as Shopify and WooCommerce, they get created in QuickBooks Commerce as any other regular product and lose association to other products they are meant to be made of. You can now bulk upload the composition of these bundles by clicking "Bulk Convert to Bundles" in the Bulk Manage menu of your Inventory page.

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